Donation 奉献 is online give vendor selected by our church. The transaction in your bank or credit card will be under name "VP*Chinese Baptist Church of Greater Boston" Please note: You DON'T need to Login/Signup in order to donate.
教會選擇了 網站提供網絡奉獻服務. 您銀行或信用卡中的交易記錄將以VP*Chinese Baptist Church of Greater Boston結帳稱.  請注意:您無需登錄/註冊即可捐款。

Donation  奉献

Below is an overview of the processing fees CBCOGB will incur for each payment method:
Electronic Check: $0.30/transaction + 1.0%
Visa/Mastercard/Discover: $0.30/transaction + 2.9%

+ 款項的1.0%
信用卡:每次交易$0.30 + 款項的2.9%

Paper checks can be mailed to the following address. Payable to CBCOGB. Please do not send cash in the mail. 
支票可以郵寄到以下地址。 支票台頭"CBCOGB"。 請不要通過郵奉献現金。

Mail to:
Chinese Baptist Church of Greater Boston 
38 Weston Ave
Quincy, MA 02170